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Our noncredit professional development courses enable you to brush up on your skills and apply them on the job immediately. Expand on your knowledge, stay current on workforce trends and maintain a competitive edge.

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American Alumni Academy ® helps prepare you for your professional career path.  A range of online courses are offered in Management and Leadership, Marketing, Project Management, Human Resources, Business Operations and much more. Courses are delivered at a more accelerated pace to accommodate your busy schedule.

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Talking with instructors is a valuable way to learn about an academic field or a career. It is also good to talk to a couple of participating students working in your field while taking your course.

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Wendy Mathis

Vice President |Community Relations Director

I love what I do! I help leaders BLAZE their most powerful trail by unleashing their "whole" selves and igniting their authentic self and spirit. Our spirit governs all areas of life - including your business - and the leaders who are ready to thrive are willing to activate this sixth sense.

Tony Darby

SVP of National Account Jobs | Employment

Tony Darby is an master business executive and multi account administration professional with over 15 years of experience in business development, marketing, account oversight, and training with a consistent track record of propelling organizational growth.


Every year, American Alumni Academy CSP Executive Sales programs transform thousands of leaders and hundreds of companies. As a participant, you’ll emerge with a better understanding of how to leverage your strengths as a leader, implement global best practices, and apply your critical-thinking skills to workplace challenges.

Kari White

First and foremost, I now have a suitcase of tools that will be very useful for the rest of my career. I have already started to use several of the theories in my daily work—and although it will take some time before I am fully trained and experienced in using all of the relevant tools, I have seen some immediate results.

James Dawson

“This program is invaluable because it’s very practical. While there are certainly concepts and frameworks, it’s not limited to academics. And as a result, it will touch you and have an impact on you, no matter where you come from or what you do.” 

Mary Springs